7 Things You Must Know Before Dating an Aquarius

7 Things You Must Know Before Dating an Aquarius

For people who want to date a person who is just out of this world, your search will end with an Aquarius for sure. They have all the traits of being the most exceptional zodiac sign, among others. In a literal sense, Aquarius personalities are unconventional. For instance, an Aquarius can be incredibly charming, super-intelligent, a bit of rebel & quirky at the same time. Their habit of deep thinking leads them towards constant re-invention of themselves.

Know The Traits Of An Aquarius Better. We are sure you would be interested in unfolding these brutal facts about an Aquarius Personality you are dating:

1. They are wickedly smart

Undoubtedly Aquarius is the smartest sign on the bench. They don't know just deliberate over things, well-worked research happens around them. Their level of depth in these supposed researches will undoubtedly scare you. Knowing something superficially is not their thing. This is the reason why an Aquarius feels incredibly aroused while exchanging creative ideas. Make sure to keep them entertained with your intellect otherwise before you know they will be gone. 

2. Oops- Got Stuck in Head

One major downside of being excessively intellect is that they sometimes go far from reality. They constantly overthink & it hurts their feelings badly. This is the reason Aquarius is hard to win coz; it is difficult to ease their restless & damaged mind. A general perception prevails that an Aquarius often are cold, disconnected & emotionally closed, which is not at all true. It is just a hard trap, which they create for themselves, which needs to be broken.

3. They are Sensuous & Curious

An Aquarius can be an incredibly curious person you have ever known. They tend to embrace the most unconventional things very easily. This trait works well in their intimate life. Their never-dying readiness to try new things will amaze & excite you at the same time. They appreciate strong physical approach as compared to a soft & subtle one.

4. No Drama in Romance

One thing they can't stand is sappiness in romance. An Aquarius will always appreciate a practical & genuine partner. Hence, missing essential dates & festivities like valentine will not harm your relationship much. They can survive such misses easily. Most Aquarius will not be comfortable with a public display of affection. Thus, be gentle in your approach & maintain a low profile while dating an.

5. Love to be Independent

An Aquarius is fiercely independent owing to the effect of its ruling planet Uranus. One thing, which is most important to them is their need to be true to themselves. At any point in time, if they feel rejected, unappreciated or controlled, they will find their way out. Therefore, always ask for things from an Aquarius coz demanding will only do damage. 

7. They constantly change

As a rule, they keep self-evolving themselves. Also, they expect the same from their partner. An Aquarius person will love to see steady evolution as a human being in their partner. Constantly trying to keep pace with them may appear exhausting. But, it is certainly worth a shot, as it will help the young part be with an interesting partner & make you a better person. 

With all the colorful traits of an Aquarius Personality, one thing is for sure; they will never be a boring & dull person to be around.  All you need to do is break the invisible glass between & reach to their closely held heart. A little effort is required to open them up emotionally in a relationship. However, as soon as you make it to their inner circle, they will never let you feel deprived of love for sure.

Image Credits: Photo by Eugene Chystiakov on Unsplash

Amrita Gohil

Amrita Gohil


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