Getting Over An Almost-Relationship? This Is How You Get Over It Based On Your Zodiac

Getting Over An Almost-Relationship? This Is How You Get Over It Based On Your Zodiac

December 22nd to January 20th

You talk about it, you talk about it with the people you love, the ones who have what it takes to keep you in a comfortable space and you then you put it behind you, for good.

A fall out makes you take a pessimistic approach towards future potential relations. You think you're being safe, calculative and logical, but that's only your defense from being hurt once again. You tend to move on a lot faster once you let out every emotion you have been bottling up in you since a long time now.

Let it out. Let it go. Breathe. Better and bigger things are on its way 100%.

January 21st to February 18th

You convince yourself that the other person hurt you and that's a reason good enough for you to let it go.

Being someone who is so calm, collected and composed with your emotions at most times, it's slightly difficult for you to agree that the other person had the power it would take to hurt your feelings. By allowing yourself to feel hurt, to endure and to be there a lot more for yourself, you leave behind the one who wasn't meant for you.

February 19th to March 20th

You give yourself some time, listen to the voices in your head, and trust your instinct.

Your instinct tells you how to get over something you almost had. Your way to deal with a loss is gracious. You're okay when you know you have the power of yourself. Others are there for you, but only as a support system, not as your lifeline.

March 21st to April 19th

Yes! Is the key to get over something you were almost into. You are someone who finds a lot of happiness by trying new things, new cuisines, new styles, visiting new places, and meeting new people. You take the time you spent with someone who ended up hurting you to do the things that actually make you happy. It's like you make up to yourself for the pain you felt.

New things brings you the joy of a new kind, and who does not love to emerge even better out of tough times like these?

April 20th to May 21st

The only way you know to get over your almost-someone is by cutting them loose 100%.

Technically talking, there wasn't a relationship in the first place to endure the pain of a breakup. But it still hurts as much as that. And that's okay because your feelings were genuine.

The only way you let it go is by letting go of the person entirely. There's no 'let's try being friends' with you.

May 22nd to June 21st

You make peace with an almost-relationship falling apart by listening to your own heart and not giving a damn about nobody else.

People have expert opinions, every second person you meet is a therapist and has a suggestion or two to give. But you don't care about it, Gemini. You will do exactly what your heart wants you to do, you know yourself and you need nobody else to show you a direction.

June 22nd to July 22nd

You let go of an almost-relationship by making sure you get the closure you deserve and then never reopening those doors again.

You're kinda soft and it's difficult for you to watch someone being hurt. So you put them before you and give them the comfort they need. But what you need, Cancer is a complete closure. Whether its a discussion over a coffee, walk, or an active round of text messaging. You need to close this door for good to be able to open new ones.

July 23rd to August 22nd

Your almost-someone must have been a fulfilling partner, but you're now looking to indulge in things that are way more fulfilling than they ever were.

Your approach towards most things in life is fierce. How you put your almost-someone behind you is by replacing it with a project, a new endeavor or any individual who ignites your bones and makes up for the time you lost with the previous person.

August 23rd to September 22nd

You, first. Finally!

You're always overshadowing yourself. Your almost-someone has a lot many privileges of than they should have. The way you get over them is by finally speaking up, letting it all out, putting yourself first. You make sure they know the value of you, most importantly, you make sure you know that yourself know the value of you. A mirror is all it takes for you to move on!

September 23rd to October 22nd

You let your emotions out in front of your friends, for a change!

It's amazing to be the life of the party, Libra. But its also okay to need someone. You're constantly thinking that you need to continue being the person you were when they first met you. When this falls apart, you finally have the freedom to express yourself. Put yourself out there to the people you're close to and feel a connection that makes you feel you're loved and cared about. You're good to go!

October 23rd to November 22nd

You're not small, Scorpio. And you're sure to refuse to feel like that.

Your presence grabs attention, it's a given. When you're seeing your almost-someone you feel the need to make yourself look less intelligent or smaller than them in order to make them feel A-OK about themselves. When you finally let go of this person, you're YOU again, and there's no price one can put on that.

November 23rd to December 21st

You come to terms with the loss of your almost-relationship by totally enduring the pain it caused to you and gearing up to bounce back.

You're a happy person by nature, but that doesn't mean you're not allowed to feel hurt. You need to feel every pain that you've tried to run away from. Do what it takes to make yourself feel better. Isolate yourself, dive in a big bowl of ice cream or head out for a long drive. Whatever it takes, to fully let go of it, clear your head hit a restart button!

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