9 Secrets Of The Cancer Personality That You Never Knew

9 Secrets Of The Cancer Personality That You Never Knew

Cancer is a very mysterious sign. Did you ever wonder, what actually makes the Cancer tick? Usually, those born under this sign, are stereotyped as extremely emotional and moody creatures. but if you care enough to know them closely, you will discover their unique traits.  Cancers are very complex and possess many awestriking characteristics, which are not apparent the first time you meet them. Cancers hide behind their shell and hardly allow anyone to discover their secrets.

Few of the secrets of the Cancerians are discussed in this article.

1. Cancers are extremely intuitive at reading others

Cancers have a unique intuition power. It allows them to notice and observe every little thing. They can read people very effortlessly. Most of the times, they can tell if someone is acting differently or not.

2. Cancers are passionate lovers

There is not one thing that cancers can do without passion. So, of course, it is understandable they cannot love without passion. They intense lovers. Cancerians cannot stay half-way in case of love. They love being committed, dedicated and in love. For them, love is not just passionate about physical intimacy, but also the emotional connection. Loving someone and being loved in return makes them happy.

3. Cancerians cannot handle heartbreaks well.

Cancerians fall deeply in love. Any sort of heartbreaks is way too emotional and overwhelming for them. Cancers hardly let people come close, and when once in a while they do, they expect them to stay forever. When that does not occur, they have a hard time dealing with the heartbreak.

4. They are mysterious zodiac signs

Those born under the cancer moon have a very mysterious personality which can often make them appear like an enigma. They do not give their secrets away easily. They are essential for their thoughts and emotions. They tend to keep their overwhelming emotions inside as they feel, exposing them can make them vulnerable.

5. They are very generous

The Cancerians love to see others, especially their loved one happy and smiling. They are the most giving zodiac signs of all. They can go to any extents to make their loved one happy.

6. Cancers love affection

Cancers thrive on being loved. They love to feel wanted and needed. If the affection comes from their loved ones, they will count on it.

7. Cancerians are calm zodiac signs until provoked

These zodiac signs are calm, quiet and peace loving creatures. Their timid and quiet nature often leads to people believing that they will allow people o walk over them. But it is not the case. The crabs do reside in their shells, but can most definitely take out their claws to ensure safety. They will put you in the right place if you cross boundaries.

8. Crabs have extreme mood swings

The moods of the Cancerians are like water tides. They can change at any time. Their emotion even overwhelms them, but they cannot live without these intense feelings also. Anyone who is close to the signs must learn how to deal with the intense mood swings.

9. Cancers are very  sentimental

It is often found that cancers yearn for the past.  They can be caught up in past memories more than often. Because of this, they forget the present. It is hard for them to get over things and finally move on.

Crabs are the most mysterious zodiac signs. They are cardinal signs which makes emotional, overwhelming but at the same time stubborn and strong. Their dual characteristics can confuse others. But they have the unique capability of understanding people in the most meaningful way.

Image Credits: Photo by Ben White

Rajasree Biswas

Rajasree Biswas


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