How Do Cancers Behave When They Fall In Love

How Do Cancers Behave When They Fall In Love

Cancers are a very romantic and emotional sign. Being a water sign and a cardinal sign, their emotions are like water, strong and ever flowing. When they love, they love deeply, passionately and dedicatedly. They are the best lovers of all the zodiac signs. Not only just emotionally, but they are also passionate about physical intimacy. But for them, everything starts and ends with emotions.

This article will you to know your Cancerian lover much better. If your partner is a Cancer, then you should feel lucky.

Passionate and dedicated

Cancers are a sensual imaginative and sensitive lover, with a very strong intuition. They fall deeply and surround their lovers with all their feelings and emotions. Their love has a lot to do with trust, emotional security, passion, and commitment. Most of the Cancerians thrive commitment in relationships. Causal dating is not meant for them. They seek something deeper and more intrinsic than physical intimacy. Superficial relationships are not their thing.

Passionate physical intimacy

Physical intimacy with the Cancerians grows when they are in love. They cannot thrive without love and love makes them better lovers. They are very sensual people who passionately fulfill all the emotional and sexual needs of their partners.

Giving nature of the Cancerians

Cancers are naturally giving individuals. But when in love, they can do anything for their lovers. This can become pretty topic often. But Cancers either love passionately or cannot love at all.

They crave safety

When in love, a Cancerian craves safety more than ever. When they fall in love, they come out of their shell, all exposed vulnerable. Thus at these moments, they desire safety and emotional security from their lovers. One must be able to provide that emotional stability to them, or they can become very moody.

Cancers can become clingy

Crabs like to keep their loved ones close to them. They will shower you with love and affection all the time. Now though it may appear to be a good thing, it can become very suffocating after some time. Once in love, they hold their lover close with their claws, without even realizing that they are choking them. Clinginess is the biggest problem for Cancer in love. They often take offense, when their lover points out this behavior as well. If you can deal with this habit of a Cancer, provide them security while still making sure you get your own space, then you are lucky.

Cancers overthink about the future

Because of their desire of getting emotional security, cancers overthink. They are always scared that their happiness will be threatened. This overthinking can often be their greatest enemy. They need to relax more often, trust their lovers and worry less.

Letting go of things

Cancerians never forget anything that hurts them. They might forgive you for your mistakes because they love, but they will not forget. This often causes problems, in the relationship as they will keep on bringing the past issues, whenever there is a slight disagreement.

Cancerians are great lovers. They are sweet, caring, kind and anyone will be lucky to have them as lovers. These sensual, imaginative, protective, loyal and sweetly seductive, crabs will love, protect and make sacrifices for their loves in ways one cannot possibly imagine. Of course, they are not perfect and come with many flaws, but once they get the emotional connection with their lovers, they will love like no other zodiac signs. Their ability to sacrifice and commit so dedicatedly makes so desirable.

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