How Is The Personality Of Cancer Zodiac Signs?

How Is The Personality Of Cancer Zodiac Signs?

The Cancerians are ultra-sensitive, kind and extremely gentle. Their traits include being tender, sweet, loving and intuitive. They always tend to stand out among the other zodiac signs because of their loving and caring nature.  All the Cancerians have zodiac sign needs to be surrounded, protected and made to feel safe at all times. The Cancerians are like water, emotional, sensitive and ever-flowing. Being a water sign, they are very strong and yet compassionate. 

If you know any Cancerian, you might get confused about their personality. They have a conflicting personality, which is difficult to read. This article will help you understand a Cancerian better and why they behave in certain ways.

What does the Cancer zodiac sign mean?

Being a water sign, the fourth sign of the zodiac is very much attached to family life. Cancer zodiac sign is ruled by The Moon. Thus it is the symbol of femininity as well as fertility.  All of the cancer traits include loving, generous, kind and hopeless romantic. The personality of a Cancerian is lovable and dependable. A Cancerian looks for kindness and love in every who come in their way. The very fragile, sensitive and overthink a lot when targeted. This zodiac sign loves to create new things and is very much inspired by the great intrinsic values, which get instilled in them by their family, friends and close ones. In love, a Cancer Zodiac sign craves for security, assurance, and support from their partner.

What are the traits of a Cancer?

Cancer sign, like the Pisces and Scorpio, listen to their emotions and feelings before everything. Cancers feel the need to be fully secure before they can let people come close to them. The Cancerians are understanding, compassionate and supportive.

Under the influence of the Moon influence, Cancers can easily offend anyone as they can be very direct. They are not manipulative people. But they are way too honest and undergo frequent mood swings. Cancer personality has psychic powers which they can develop throughout their lifetimes. 

mood swings of cancer zodiac sign

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Cancer zodiac sign and the art of happiness

It takes very little things to make a Cancer zodiac sign happy and content. They just need to be around the people they love to be happy. They need few people in their lives but with those people, their wavelengths need to match. Spending quality time with your family, friends and close ones make their hearts filled with joy and utter happiness. They need to feel wanted, needed and validated. People can easily advantage of their good nature and kind spirit.  No matter what, the Cancerians always try to be there for people, as it makes them feel happy and wanted.

Positive and negative traits of a Cancer zodiac sign

Cancer zodiac sign may be the kind, gentle and yet resilient sign, but they do come without negative traits. Understanding all the Cancerian traits will help you build much better relationships with all the Cancerians in your life.  

The Cancer zodiac sign is extremely emotional, passionate and sexy. They are amazing and loyal friends and lovers. They are passionate in bed and the physical intimacy is exceptionally emotional for them. They are kind, helpful, and yet very strong. They can get destructive if their close ones are harmed in any way.

But the Cancer zodiac sign has many negative traits as well. They are extremely moody and distant. It is very difficult to understand them as they are very unpredictable. They build up walls around them, when hurt and becomes passively aggressive. 

The symbol of a Cancer sign is crab, which is depicted as a '69'. The 69 indicates woman's breasts or crab's claws. These are extremely feminine, fierce yet kind zodiac signs. One must be patient with this zodiac sign. Whether in love or friendship Cancer personalities takes things slowly and without rushing. With love, care, and patience, one win over a Cancerian.

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