Why Cancer Is The Most Nurturing and Maternal Water Sign?

Why Cancer Is The Most Nurturing and Maternal Water Sign?

Cancer is the most nurturing and maternal zodiac sign of all. The people born under the zodiac Cancer are faithful, protective and highly intuitive. This article talks about the traits of the Cancerians and why they are so nurturing and caring.

Cancer is a Water Sign

Usually, the water signs are emotional, nurturing and extremely caring. Their emotions flow like water. Cancerians can be very creative and can dive deep into their imaginative world in order to create artistic masterpieces. They are the cardinal water signs, which indicates that their emotions are always active. They walk with emotions in their sleeves. They initiate conversations, take decisions and live life emotionally. They are driven by their emotional impulses, which give them a sense of security and belonging.

The Cancers are very protective

Due to their flowy emotions, sensitivity, they are very protective of themselves. They know that they walk with heart in hands. They tend to build a shell around them to protect themselves. The crabs retreat in their shells when something goes wrong. They nurture and love their closed ones. The Cancerians can go to any extent and tolerate any sacrifice for their family and friends. But they also have the intense need to feel needed, nurtured and loved. If taken for granted, they take it personally and seek solace in their shells.

The Cancers are creative

The sign is deeply connected to the oceans due to its water lineage. Their emotional highs and lows are like the tides, raging storms and sometimes like calm seas. The cancers are cardinal signs, which is why they want to create without any disturbance. They need their alone time to handle their deep and intense emotions. If disturbed, one can expect a stormy, weather. They are extremely creative. Their creations are deep, thoughtful and reflect their deep knowledge. They love to nurture and nourish their knowledge. As a result of which their creations are of high quality. They create with all their heart and soul; and are deeply attached to their creations.

The Cancers are temperamental

This particular Sun sign can be very moody. Their mood swings are like waves in an ocean. They change, fluctuate and never stop. Cancerians often cannot handle their emotional fluctuations also. Cancer is the most active water sign and water, of course, represents emotion. They get emotional easily and crave for that. They desire emotional stimulation. It is very difficult for them to hold onto one emotional state for a very long time. Emotional experiences are of high significance to them. They treasure the memories which make them emotional.

The Cancerians are very intuitive

Their intuition plays a key role in making the sign a nurturing one. They sympathize with people, their emotions, pains, and agony if even nothing is told. They can understand people very easily and feel their emotions. Because of this nature, they can take care of and nurture those who are hurt. They know how to be supportive and caring.

Cancers can appear to be emotional, nurturing, maternal signs. They are the ultimate natural nurturers. It is mainly because of their intuition, understanding of people and kind nature. But one should take them as weak. They know how to nurture as well as protect when need be. They are usually peace loving but are not afraid to fight back when threatened.

Image Credits: Photo by Luis Quintero on Unsplash

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