All You Wish To Know About a Capricorn

All You Wish To Know About a Capricorn

Capricorn is a sign which everyone would want to be. It is often presumed that they live a much-coveted life of success and prosperity running after them. At least, this is what people get to see from outside. They are adept in guarding their relationships and reputations.

Born between: Dec 21 and Jan 20

Sign: Fish goat or sea goat

Ruling planet: Saturn

Quality of Zodiac: Cardinal

Element: Earth

Positive traits: Protective, elegant and highly ambitious

Negative characteristics: Dishonest at times, lacks integrity, disloyal and superficial

The personality that bowls everyone over

Capricorns are thought to be one of the most mature of all zodiacs, and they are quite aware of their individualism. They remain connected with a calculative approach and showcase a responsible attitude in almost all walks of life.

A heart to drive and bring success is a trait that characterizes these bunch of ambitious people. They are also fortunate enough to reach to the zenith and look for success in everything they look for. It is a huge aspect of their attribute and personality as well.

Capricorns add structural and mature support to the zodiac system. They are quite rigid in their ideologies and thoughts as they are incredibly headstrong. Capricorns tend to limit themselves rather than expanding their territory owing to their conservative nature. They have a strong sense that they will be able to achieve everything that they want to if they can maintain their focus and keep their eyes fixed on their goal. Capricorns are not just patient but keep up their persistence as well. As a result, they do not care about how long it takes to reach their destination.

It is not possible to pin down a Capricorn and precisely characterize them since these people embody various kinds of personality traits. It is one of the most significant positive attributes of a Capricorn that they tend to accept difficulty, trial and suffering at different stages of life. They get suspicious when life gets easygoing. It becomes difficult for them to sit patiently and wait for things to turn in their favor. Capricorn is aware of the workings of power, and they are knowledgeable enough to manifest it through their actions.

Compatibility levels and willingness to take everything in hand

Capricorns are thought to be born leaders, and they are not afraid of working for long periods or even on the weekends. Almost all other zodiacs can rely on them as they have a straight-cut approach to life coupled with traditional values and pure ethics. This automatically put them in the first line for inheriting leadership and authority. They are meticulous observers, and nothing escapes their eyes and ears. However, that doesn't mean they will cause confusion or lose their cool in times of crisis. When mixing with others, Capricorns are prone to channelizing their emotions into suitable actions so that it can pave the way for tactile results.

The most sought after traits of a Capricorn are that they are industrious, careful and quite disciplined and they try to bring in all these elements within their world. They also tend to slip into the roles of guides with their close ones and try to mentor their lovers or love interests. They have a businesslike approach in everything, and their love life is no exception to this. Since they are incredibly ambitious, they are content and patient to sit back and wait for the time to ripe so that they can shine in the perfect moment. It is worthy of mention here that if they find their companion to lack diligence and ambition, they can become extraordinarily unforgiving and leave no stone unturned in reforming those who matter to them.

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