Most Stubborn and Stylish Capricorn Women

Most Stubborn and Stylish Capricorn Women

Have you ever tried to cross a Capricorn woman when she is focused? Now, right? That's because it is almost impossible to make them move when their heads are in the right place. Being stubborn and being extremely self-critical Capricorn women will not shy away from reaching their desired goal, no matter how much you try to lure them. It is most likely that a Cap woman will be chairing one of the executive meetings or giving a sharp look to the presentation board when they see the half-hearted effort.

Capricorn women believe in nothing but being independent and making their own decisions. When provoked, you do not want to be near a Capricorn woman. Nothing can really bog a Capricorn woman down. Be it a bad storm in their life, emotional turmoil or even a spur of the happy occasion, a Capricorn woman will tread through with utmost shyness and dignity. You will rarely get much of an expression as to if they are ecstatic or if they are suffering. This is in one sense, terrible for the people around the Capricorn woman, because of the amount of work they must put in.

Now coming to the most important part about a Capricorn woman! Capricorns believe in function over fashion. Business casual is the casual they are most familiar with. They will be fashionably dressed, but not the kind which has no practicality, preferably the type which is comfortable, practical and yet makes them look chic.

Business formal is their favorite type of clothing, and messy suits or apparel is a big no-no. Their knack to dress well makes them prim and proper for every occasion. You will not see them wander aimlessly across the clothing racks of a shopping mall, because they are well aware of precisely what they want.

There is an incredible ability for every Capricorn woman to dress practically and make the clothing look more expensive than what it already is. This is not necessarily a bad trait. Instead, they are aware of how to make everything look super fancy. Capricorns are aware of their financial stability and thus, will not be overspending and spreading themselves thin. Yet, the clothing they will buy, they will know how to work them well and make a gorgeous outfit out of their options.

It has been stated that Capricorns can never go wrong with mossy colors, green, the pristine and gorgeous deep blue shades as it resonates with their earth sign. Inherently conservative, yet chic, elegant and for sure subtle looks are Capricorn's go-to when it comes for them to dress up well. They can bring out the fun part hidden behind their serious demeanor very easily by mixing certain color tones and hide it very appropriately by wearing something very business casual.

Trust a Capricorn to look absolutely ravishing while attending formal parties because there is no one better suited to find a two-piece suit that compliments the dignified attitude hidden inside you, than a Capricorn woman.

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