Revealing The Dark Side of The Capricorns

Revealing The Dark Side of The Capricorns

Positives attract negativity, and nothing seems more real than the character traits of a Capricorn. Capricorns are so many things, but optimistic is not one of them. It is challenging to read a Capricorn because they are not the most open sign to exist within the 12 signs that exist in our universe. Practicality is the middle name for every Capricorn person, and this might make them pessimists and even moody or detached. There is no specific guide to be followed while dealing with a Capricorn person, but there are certainly some traits which a Capricorn cannot get out of. Here are some of the Capricorn like traits which they will manifest under certain circumstances, but there are surely ways to overcome such behavioral characteristics:

Pessimism: Capricorns are really hard on themselves. While they believe in making the world around them perfect, they might forget how much of a pessimist they have become in life. It all begins with how hard they are to themselves. For instance, Capricorn folks really want to be perfectionists, even if they are making it hard for themselves to thrive on such expectations. This attitude makes seem self-criticize a lot more than what is required, and in their idealistic world, even their surrounding should be of a positive manner.

Stubborn: It is complicated to make a Capricorn person understand of someone else's point of view because they believe that their understanding of a situation is the right understanding. They are very stubborn about their thoughts and would like to make everyone around them work in their way. Take time with a Capricorn's decision and make them sit down and explain with logic how their thoughts might not yield the optimum result. After a point, they will see the practicality in your word and give heed to your words.

Shy: Capricorns are very emotionally detached people and will not take harsh decisions about making friends or getting close to someone. They will judge the person in their own ways, and if the person qualifies to be their friend, they will open up. This leads them to be very shy. Give Capricorns their time and allow them to open up eventually. It will be an arduous task, but you can't make any changes, it's pointless even to try. You should be really keen on working with a Capricorn to keep your patience through their judgement trials.

Moody: Let's face it, Capricorns are self-centered and eve moody. They believe in the logic of things working in their way or the highway, because of their idealistic world they try to live in. They can have fun at one point, and immediately after a second, you find them to be incredibly grumpy and out of their fun-loving nature. This leads them to become very self-centered as an individual.

To let a Capricorn be is the best way possible. They will believe in you once you have gained their task. It is true that making a Capricorn believe in you or to change their thought process is an arduous task, but with time and gentle behavior, nothing is impossible.

Let them understand that you are willing to work for their trust and make them believe that you are rooted to the ground and not going to make a sudden alteration to your behavior. Letting them win from time to time can be helpful to give them the benefit of the doubt on your thoughts.

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