10 Chucklesome Scorpio Memes That Will Make You ROFL

10 Chucklesome Scorpio Memes That Will Make You ROFL

If you find yourself passionate about something one moment and then losing interest next moment, super-excited and then suddenly out of the league, one minute happy & chirpy and next moment a cribbing confused monster, guess what – YOU ARE A SCORPIO!

Known as one of the toughest yet loyal and highly passionate zodiac signs, a scorpion is driven with various moods depending on the situation. So, if you are a scorpion or know somebody who is a die-hard scorpion, this meme guide may help you deal with. So, are you ready to laugh out loud? Have a look: 

1. And of course – Sarcasm (5th and vital ingredient)

2. That’s right! We like to be cautious all the time.

3. Coz “What’s inside your head” matters, physical attributes are secondary ;)

4. Either ‘Hell yeah or Plain No”, for a Scorpio there is “No in-between”


5. Oh Yea, Anything less than this is not just a scorpion’s cup of tea!!! #Queenbyheart

6. Run, Don’t Look Back – Simply Run! Coz you have awakened the devil!

7. In Love with a passionate Scorpio? Gosh, You Lucky person!!

8. When sad – Don’t leave them alone instead talk to them or get ready to face a whiny, crybaby! #PamperingIsTheKey

9. For a Scorpio, there is nothing less than Loyalty!

10. A Scorpio in a nutshell.

Call them crazy or mad! But, the fact is you will never find anybody more passionate and loving than a Scorpio. Truth to be told, Scorpios are softies with a hard exterior – all you need is to pick the weapon of love to break enter the exterior. So, if you are a Scorpio or know one – why don’t you let us know in the comment section on how many memes you can relate with?

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