4 Things That Are Just ‘Off-Limits’ For A Scorpio In Love

4 Things That Are Just ‘Off-Limits’ For A Scorpio In Love

Officially declared as the “Darkest Sign” of all zodiac signs, Scorpios are the most misunderstood signs. Scorpios have some negative and positive features too. They are often mistaken as aggressive or short-tempered or high-headed, on the contrary, they are those amazing creatures on Earth who are strong-willed and never fail to go for what’s theirs.

Without a doubt, Scorpios are perhaps complex but when they love – They love forever.  Scorpios tend to have an unwavering, through thick and thin kind of approach to romance. Popular for their passion, Scorpios are the most loyalist creatures on Earth who know nothing in between. A Scorpio in love will shower everything on you, will unify the grounds but piss them off and you are gone!

Things which are simple ‘off the boundary’ and no-no for a Scorpio are:

Condescending Two-Faced People

two faced scorpios

True to their nature, Scorpios cannot tolerate that ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ type people. One of the turn-offs for a Scorpio is a person who is condescending, egoistic, pompous and a hypocrite. Being a brave and loyal soul themselves it becomes impossible for them to be with a person who is masked, inauthentic, and disloyal. Scorpios have inbuilt investigation talent which makes them get to the bottom of things to find the truth. And guess what! They will find! So, if you are going to be a phony – Give up the idea!

Being lied to

liar scorpios

There’s a saying “Hurt me with the truth, but don’t pamper with a lie.” This line can sum up what a scorpion needs in a relationship – Complete Honesty and Transparency. Being honest and loyal, they have high expectations from their partners to be truthful and sincere to them. But, if you are plotting a lie – Stop right away because these human lie detectors can work as an FBI agent when they get a fishy vibe and they will find the truth which will invite trouble for you over and above your imagination.

Constant Criticism

criticize scorpio

Just like Virgos, Scorpios are very self-aware people who know their pros and cons. Being critical by personality, Scorpios tend to find the best in themselves and hate people who over-criticize. They appreciate constructive criticism which helps them become a better person (provided it is sugar-coated and nice). Constant criticism translates to a lack of respect and care for them which is unbearable and a big no for them. The thumb rule here is – If you cannot compliment or appreciate them for all the right things, do not criticize the things you think they do wrong. Focus on the good not bad. Be Nice!
Lazy or Laidback Behaviour

lazy scorpio

"Actions speak louder than words!" This is the mantra Scorpios live by! A highly driven, brave, and self-motivated cannot stand a person who is unapologetically lazy, unenthusiastic, overly dramatic, clingy or laidback. Scorpio expects their lover to be a happy-go-lucky person who is romantic yet realistic, snugly yet active, fanatic yet subtle. They love to dominate the relationship but also discretely want their partner to take the charge. So, if you are one lethargic person who cannot stand true to his words – Forget falling in love with a Scorpio!

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