Top 5 Zodiac Signs Most Compatible With Scorpion Women

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Most Compatible With Scorpion Women

The sexiest and the most mysterious of the 12 zodiac signs, Scorpion women leave a lasting impression on just about anyone they meet or date. You might blame it on her natural appeal and grace, or extraordinary intuition, or fiery passion, the Scorpion Queen has something to feed all male soul. But even when you fall head over heels for her, it makes sense that you pause for a while before partnering with this tempestuous wonder. Certain traits of these women might make them not-a-great-choice for men belonging to certain zodiac signs. Again, there are others who can help keep the sparks alive for long. Let us have a quick look at which zodiac signs go best with the Scorpions and why-

With A Taurus Male

Scorpions are amazingly high in their libido quotient. When it comes to this aspect, very few can beat a Taurus man. While eroticism will pull them together, their mutual possessiveness and loyalty make it hard to part ways. On the flipside, both these zodiac signs are stubborn and jealous. So they are likely to pick up a quarrel more frequently than what others would do. Then again, emotionally, the bull is a more stable one. This helps to balance things when the other turns violent.

With A Cancer Male

Astrologers have more than a reason to call a Scorpion - Cancer pair the best of the kind. Scorpions love dominating, yet making the significant others life as smooth as possible. On the other hand, Cancerians love nurturing. The male Cancer feels emotionally well-defined when his girl takes the lead. Again, the possessiveness from the moon-born's side makes the girl feel loved. With the embalming love of Cancer, the Scorpion girl might never bring out her jealous side. Cancer would work hard to satisfy her Scorpion girl sexually, as well.

With A Leo Male

Both are attractive and dominating, yet are capable of making a steady relationship. Initially, it might not take much time to let the sparks flicker. But after months, the Leo might get back to his flirting avatar, leaving the girl feel insecure. The Leo might point at the over-dominating nature for her frivolity, and the Scorpion might blame the man for being a frustrated attention seeker. But none of them is going to admit their faults.

With A Capricorn Male

Both Scorpions and Capricorns have a somewhat similar mindset and values. This makes for a very compatible zodiac pair. The jealous entity of the Scorpion surprisingly makes the Goat reassured. Again, the girl cannot help appreciating her man's patience, as well as stamina on the bed. Though both are dominating in their own ways, it is the girl who ends up wearing the pants of relationship. Do Read: Handy Tricks for Wooing A Capricorn Men

With A Pisces Male

The generally indecisive Pisces would thank his stars for having a Scorpion girl in his life. He would feel loved and cared for. Again, the natural sensuality that each of them come bestowed with does go a long way to make every second in the bedroom special.

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