These Signs Make Best Match For Taurus – The Wanderer

These Signs Make Best Match For Taurus – The Wanderer

Taurus an earth sign, has Venus as the ruling planet. The biggest strength of this sign is practical, devoted, responsible, stable but sometimes comes in the way of progress in terms of expansion as they tend to be stubborn and possessive. Henceforth, they don’t like changes, complications, on the contrary, they are romantic, cooking or working with hands, to fulfilling control. 

Taurus, as the mythology goes, the Wandering Bull. The one who betrayed their best friend, goddess Hera herself. To find love, a Taurus has to travel the world, change the viewpoint. In the matters pertaining of co-existing, one has to be supple and patient. They kind of sniff trouble and often resist change.

How Is Taurus When It Comes To Romance And Relationship?

As we know, Taurus doesn’t entertain newcomers, it's difficult for them to accept the new bee in the hive. They follow every protocol before they get into that zone. They craft a safe environment for their romantic life and tend to sink in once settled in their sexual encounters. Once they get into with their partners in the ring, they become needy, demand a lot of attention and push through the practical reasoning. Sometimes it becomes difficult to cut through walls as their defense mechanism, as they tend to close down communication becomes the major barrier.  

What Does Taurus Compatibility Say?

They often opt for stable and long-term affairs; they tend to choose people from the social environment who resonates with their intellectual desires. They are likely to have the expectation factor from their family, near & dears, friends. Attention is one thing that gives them their comfort zone, which includes gifts, and care. Taurus are traditional with their belief system also a lot practical in their life. If you are looking for some peaceful relationship, you have to be supple as the taurian would never change his mind unless at gunpoint. Based on core quality their compatibility with other signs is a bit complicated. 

Which sun signs have the best compatibility with Taurus?

Taurus with Taurus 

When two Taurus partners come together, the wind stops the water steams and the worldly noise is not the problem anymore. The core understanding of each other is impeccable and the drive to be with each other has that star energy. They both might lack the first step but when together is like a universe within. The Taurus is a very sensuous sign and two of them together don’t need explanation. Stubborn and hesitant to change is one big trouble else the sexual fantasies and imagination ha no limit with Taurus. If one has a very fixed mind, both can go up to waiting for a good long time.

Taurus and Cancer

Taurus is ruled by Venus hence the sensual side fully supports the emotional Cancerian energy. The lack of initiative in sex can be a small hurdle else the urge to be all cuddle and bubbles is one big advantage. Taurian being a seeker of physical pleasure dig into the details of senses. The body, the fragrance and the touch the voice and cancer themselves look for a body to body touch. But if both lack initiative the asexual nature can dominate the entire intimacy. It will be just cooking cleaning and watching movies hand in hand. Lack of mars can slog but if inflow both are great together.  

Taurus and Scorpion 

Being on the opposite side, both have a deep intimate relationship based on the emotional and physical connection. Taurian lack initiative bit scorpions, all they want is naked togetherness with their relative partner. Taurians and scorpions have a very different belief system and emotions are the only similar ground so it might lead to some difference of opinion but it will be full of an obsession with each other and who want that in their life.

Hence, if you are a Taurus then befriend one of the above three signs and you will find your luck and happiness.

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